10h Of Fortnite SUNFLOWER (Post Malone) - Fortnite Creative Music Blocks

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Title : 10h Of Fortnite SUNFLOWER (Post Malone) - Fortnite Creative Music Blocks
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Published : 8 Mar 2019
Author : TCTNGaming

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Join Tony as....
► So what happened in the video?
Well.. I wanted to do a song that was trending, and I picked Post Malone feat. Swae Lee - Sunflower from Spiderman into the Spider-Verse, the new animated movie. I stareted searching and stumbled upon a reddit user who had created it with Fortnite music blocks. I hit him up to see if I could use it in a video, and in return shoutout his channel. He agreed, and here we are!
- Check his channel out and write "Banana" in the comments if you read this
Background music:
By Muzzle (Coming soon, free for everyone)

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